If you are working with the Dutch Customs, then you probably have heard they are working on AGS: a new declaration system being rolled out step by step and will replace various systems of Customs. Sagitta Import and Export have already been phased out and replaced by AGS. The first 3 phases have been completed and the preparation for phase 4 is in progress.

Prevent delays and fines

During the introduction of “AGS imports” it appeared that many companies did not have their business and product data in order. Over 30 percent of the wrong declarations were due to incorrect data. Looking at the input of “AGS export”, the importance of correct data is possible even bigger. Customs therefore no longer accept incorrect declarations. But more important are the consequences for the relationship with your customers. Shipments may be delayed, leading to late deliveries and even fines. You want to avoid that as much as possible. Therefore, it is wise to invest in the quality of data.

During a live webinar, Hubert Kolk and Ronald Motz, both Customs Consultant at Boltrics, showed how you can speed up the reporting process by integrating customs processes in one single solution.

For example, all relevant customs data of the goods are added from the system. And full integration with your WMS/TMS/FMS system prevents duplicate input and speeds up the process. In addition, it is possible to establish customs technical controls at strategic points in the warehouse or forwarding activities, so that all departments work together efficiently, and according to the customs compliance requirements.

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