Have you recently visited a seminar or read an (online) magazine, then you’ve probably heard or read something about Microsoft Power BI. But what is all the buzz about? And what are the benefits for your company?

Let’s start with explaining what Power BI is.

Because, Power BI is – as the name partly gives away – a Microsoft’s BI tool that helps you collect, transform, and visualize data that is stored in various sources. Whether this data is from your own company or from an external source. For example, the information you have stored in an SQL database, or received as an Excel sheet, saved in an Access database or online in the cloud. By collecting this data within Power BI, you can transform this bulk of information into usable input for reports to visualize this data. And to help you on your way, we have added predefined datasets and dashboards – based on a survey among our customers – to keep track of the most important KPIs for logistics service providers. With just one mouse click, you can publish these reports and share them with your colleagues, and customers. They can access these reports and dashboards – no matter what device they are working on, from office, home or on the road. And as a bonus – it is also possible to embed your reports in Microsoft Dynamics. So say farewell to endless switching between programs.

Power BI in Dynamics NAV

Power BI in Dynamics NAV

Support your gut feeling with substantiated figures

By using Power BI, you no longer have to lean on historical data, but it also enables you to make forecasts for the future and gain better insight into timelines. It helps you to translate the slurry of data into self-explanatory reports and dashboards. Which will help you to make earlier, and better decisions and allows you to respond faster to trends within your business.

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