IT has become a fact of our everyday life – and thus in the logistics world. It has become an important pillar in the business of logistics service providers. At the same time, innovations are happening faster and faster, and customer demands increase which have to be followed up faster. Thus, for logistics service providers it is important to keep up – or even better – stay ahead. In many companies, IT management is often outsourced to external system administrators or suspended in the Cloud. But what about the functional knowledge of the software?

Do you have this software knowledge secured in your company? And if not, when are planning to do so, and in what way? What are you planning to do to get this knowledge on board? Search till you drop?

Like all the other companies do – which are together responsible for over than 9,000 vacancies? And if you have found a suitable candidate, how do you convince him or her to join your company? And at what costs?

Take a moment to find out that there are other ways than fishing in the sea with all the other companies to recruit the right candidate to upgrade your business and prepare for the future. Forget the hassle of the lack of good candidates, but make your business more attractive to your own people who would like to develop themselves on a personal level. The biggest advantage of this is that they already know your company.

Boltrics software for logistics companies – based on Microsofts Dynamics NAV platform – enables you to support your workflows and processes easier, faster, more flexible in an innovative, simple, and user-friendly way.

If you already have an employee that is interested in IT has some basic knowledge, and you are willing to buy our software, we will train him or her to become a Key-User.

After 3 months, your colleague will be able to add company specific work processes in the software, as he or she is trained in using the software. Your company becomes self-sufficient in terms of adjustments or additions to the software.

At Boltrics, we are really open-minded about this topic. We even encourage our customers to become familiar with the software. And if needed, we can provide additional Key-User training to master the latest features to increase the self-reliance. Because in the end, it’s your logistics or operational manager who must be in the driver’s seat to be able to respond more flexibly and quickly to the wishes of your customers.