Our software solutions for logistics service providers (3PL Dynamics & Nekovri Dynamics) are based on Dynamics NAV. Users of the solution always work with the latest version of Dynamics NAV. So you always have access to the latest functionality offered by Microsoft. What’s new in NAV 2016?

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAV 2016) provides unprecedented new opportunities, especially in the field of mobility and insight into the business. In addition, NAV 2016 is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure, Dynamics CRM and Office 365.


An overview of the new features in NAV 2016:

Universal app

The new universal app makes NAV 2016 available on all (mobile) devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) and works the same everywhere. The app is available for Windows, Android and iOS. You always have access to your WMS / TMS (orders, inventory, planning).

Integration Office 365

The integration with Microsoft Office (Office 365) is brought to the next level: start Office with just one click from Dynamics NAV.

Integration CRM Online

The integration with CRM Online has been further improved: navigate directly from NAV to CRM and vice versa.


Set workflows in NAV 2016, based on certain conditions, to trigger another action, for example create an e-mail. Leaving you to automate your business processes and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Document management

In NAV 2016, the possibilities for digitizing of incoming documents are greatly improved. It is possible to scan documents, store them (linked to an entity in NAV) and easily retrieve them. With optical character recognition (OCR) signed waybills can, for example, be coupled with the correct goods out. Or convert purchase invoices automatically into a purchase invoice in NAV.

Web client

The web client has been improved at more than 60 points, including speed and ease of use. This makes the web client more and more a fully fledged alternative for the Windows client.

Booking example

In NAV 2016, it is possible to preview a booking, without booking the actual invoice. This prevents mistakes, because you can still make changes before you finally create the invoice.

Microsoft Power BI

NAV 2016 offers a completel new interface with Microsoft Power BI. Create direct insight, via Power BI, into Dynamics for an overview of your business performance.

Exchange rates

Exchange rates can be read automatically in Dynamics, so you always work with the latest exchange rate.