How often do you share data with your customers? Weekly, daily or only if a customer asks for it? Do you share the information by phone or by email? Or do you even have your own customer portal where you share information with your customers? And what do you exactly share on your portal?

Retain customers and attract new ones? Provide extensive insights

A portal can help you show and share information, but the latest generation of customer portal takes it to a next level. For example, your customer’s data is not only visible via your customer portal, but it also allows your customer to on log in once to the see the data of all his products – regardless of the location. Even if they are stored on the other side of the world. How? Continue reading …

Put reliability first

A basic customer portal meets a number of requirements. The most important is reliability. Reliability in availability – it should always be accessible – and data quality – what is shown must be true.

  • Boltrics’ customer portal is always up-to-date (there is no data synchronization) and is consistent with your WMS or TMS system. As a result, information is always up to date.
  • Our customer portal is hosted on Microsoft Azure – Microsofts’ cloud environment.
  • Users can login 24/7, giving them instant access to the required information, anytime and anywhere. Reducing the number of phone calls.
  • Microsoft Azure meets high-security standards. Without login – which you provide your customer yourself – it is not possible to access data. In addition, your customer only sees the data you have given him access to.
  • Filter and sort all fields for relevant information.
  • Besides showing information, it is also possible to download files with just one mouse click, allowing your customer to view invoices with attachments.

Is it complex to set up a customer portal?

No, the basic set up of the customer portal has already been arranged. Simply add a customer to “Web users” by linking the customer number and a contact. Then, select the predefined VIEWS that you want to show your customer. Press Create, and your customer automatically receives an email with the login details and can start viewing his data right away. It can be that easy.

Do you want to give your customer access to a customer portal? Then contact us and send an email to