At Boltrics, we like to recruit our new colleagues on our own and keep recruiters outside the “gate”. Recently, one slipped past the ‘blockades’ and asked me the question: “What is your secret?” It brought a smile to my face and a blog. Because, what is our secret actually?

Since its launch in 2010, Boltrics keeps on growing. Growth in the number of customers, employees and sales. Both FTE revenue and added value per FTE increase. Our conclusion: our business model – based on continuous innovation, always up-to-date, repeatable business and getting things done – works and pays off.

Looking at recruitment with a historical perspective, 80% of our new colleagues were introduced via our own network (including LinkedIn). We highly appreciate it when our employees introduce potential colleagues. As a show of thanks, we offer them a reward for which they can for example book a holiday or buy a new mountain bike. Additional advantage: it’s an automatism that they help getting new colleagues up to speed.

At Boltrics, we are not looking for people who regularly switch employers. Because most of them do not get at the desired speed until after two years. Do you document or need documentation? Do you quickly technically intervene? Do you rarely celebrate a success? Are you working for the money or secondary working conditions? If so, then I know we’re not a match.

What we consider important?

First of all, our branch: logistics service providers. Our customers understand our solutions, because it has been specifically designed for their branch. Industry knowledge is therefore a great advantage. Our solutions are developing and expanding rapidly: we are on top of Microsoft’s innovations. Until recently, we mainly focussed on Dynamics NAV. But our ambition is currently shifting towards a broader product portfolio, which adds an additional challenge. We’ve found that “thinking doers” are the best fit our company. Conclusion: The most appreciated colleagues quickly pick up new techniques and add value.

Finally: when we’re both convinced we are a dream team and you step aboard, we will make sure that you get the job that suits you, an introduction and training that fits your needs.

Would you like to be part of Boltrics?

Want to apply? You can reach me at +31 (0)318 742 550 or send me an email.

Working for a recruitment agency? Then I have to disappoint you. We think recruiting new colleagues is way too much fun to outsource it.