I was 21 years old and working as an assistant planner at Kroeze – a Dutch cold storage transports company. With six planners, we managed about 90 trucks. Yes, you read that right: 15 trucks per planner. And it was a fulltime job. Calling with clients, drivers and delivery addresses, documenting, customs clearance (national borders were still real physical borders), planning (on paper plans), maintenance plans and sometimes even driving a truck ourselves. At that time, there was no internet, we even used telex, and the first mobile (company) phone was shared in turn.


25 years later, the telex has been replaced by email, physical national borders have been lifted, the continues calls with drivers and clients belong to the past, and the document flow has completely changed with the introduction of software systems.

A few years ago, operational knowledge was the number one skill in which you could distinguish yourself from others, followed by your commercial skills. Today, the third pillar – IT – becomes more and more important. Not because everyone screams that the world becomes disruptive or that a digital revolution takes place. But because the ‘old’ roles within a logistics company will change completely.

The digital revolution has been going on for a quarter of a century and is unstoppable. Disruptive? Well, if there is one sector that can be disruptive, it would be the logistics sector. But in the end, it’s about the wheels (driver) and the four walls (warehouse workers) which should make it happen (planning & transportation company).

How do you ensure that, besides trucks and square meters, you also create a sixth sense to recognize the opportunities that software can offer your organization? My advice: find out what you are able to do yourself with IT solutions to carry out changes and adapt innovation. Look at the data and discover the insights reporting can offer you. Show your clients how you can support them (with the newest software innovation) and share data. Become connective, build your own web portal or create your own Apps. Commercial and operational, it can only be a success – provided that your software vendor offers you the possibility.

Anyway, software is here to stay. Do you also want to take advantage of the possibilities? I would be happy to come over and memorize how it used to be – but most importantly discuss the possibilities modern software can offer your business. Because, the world of logistics is beautiful and can only become more beautiful. Just as long as you keep your eyes on the third pillar and ensure that you the wheel and utilize the opportunities.