Where standard NAV features a deferral template option to reserve accruals, Boltrics takes this one step further (back 🙂 ) with its periodic template settings:


In the periodic template you can set the periodic interval and accrual G/L Account.


When template is used as default template in warehouse settings, set as ‘Storage Cost’ and fill out default deferral number of periods.

Tip: Use preprogrammed codes to create proper entry descriptions;
%2 = Week (number)
%3 = Month (number)
%4 = Month (name)
%5 = Accounting period description
%6 = Invoice description

Periodic template code can be used in 2 methods:

  1. Enter periodic start and ending date to break down over template interval between these dates
  2. Enter only periodic start date to break down over template interval for set number of periods, beginning at start date


As result, at posting – automatic break down posting lines are created, to divide line amount to accrual period, calculated from days in each involved accounting period.


For more information how to use NAV standard deferral templates, click here >>

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