At Boltrics, we offer our implementation projects fixed price and fixed time. In other words: we deliver the agreed functionality according to the agreed price within three months.

You might be thinking: That cannot be truth? Where is the catch?
Your experience: During every implementation project ‘unexpected additional work’ occurs, there are always setbacks and then the meter starts running: more work = extra costs!
Your question: Why would it be different at Boltrics? Because we do what we have already done quite often.
Is that all? Yes! Continue reading:

Boltrics formulates its proposals and implementation plans clear and transparent. We focus on the realization of what is really needed to support your business. And when making decisions, you are in the lead. Because you are the expert by experience in these processes. The combination of your knowledge and our implementation experience is the key to success.

At Boltrics we use our unique and proven project approach. And as long as we follow this proven approach, we can avoid surprises as much as possible. Giving us the opportunity to respond to your people and your organization.

Boltrics completes its implementation projects with a go live within 3 months. That is a short period of time and therefore more easy to handle for your and our people. This requires focus, clear agreements and discipline.
Therefore Boltrics requires full commitment and significant effort of the key users during the implementation project. This is necessary to realize a good result. It assures that the project will not only be an investment, but also will really be put into use. Key users that are involved:

  • Will be familiar with the processes and will be able to make implementation choices.
  • Know their colleagues and are able to prepare them for the changes that the new software entails.
  • Will be aware of the processes and procedures after the implementation and can embed these sustainably within your organization.

The projects result depends on our joint effort.

Boltrics implements its own industry-specific software. This is software we developed ourselves, as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It has a standardized core and plenty of space for your company specific processes. Our software is used daily by many different clients. And those customers are all working in the same industry. Obviously, your organization is not the same as all the others. But in terms of ‘software needs’ your needs match the needs of your ‘colleagues in the industry’. In this way there is no difference between implementing software and doing your job: you also do not deliver very specific customization for each of your customers (in such areas as orderpicking, routing or pallet sealing). Nevertheless, you provide within your standard procedures tailored services; an additional label for customer X, you place sandwichpallets customer Y and handle EDI messages for customer Z. Delivering software includes the same mechanism, but not every software supplier applies it. Customization in code will take hours and those hours will be charged to you. For many of your peculiarities another supplier would create customized software and therefore definitely will guarantee you a fixed price. But at Boltrics, we already have a solution that can be custom decorated. And we know what it will cost and how long it will take. So, we can provide you a fixed price, fixed-time implementation. Translated into euros: during ‘usual’ implementation projects ‘unexpected things’ would ‘occure’ and result in ‘additional expenses’, but in our approach these are already foreseen and if necessary been proposed in advance. * see below

Because of this, we can run our projects with maximum security and clear expectations:

no catches and yet fixed time and fixed price!


* Ah, a footnote! So, there is a catch? It is possible that you have a specific need which it is not available (yet) in our industry standard yet. Does this make the counter of additional costs run?

No! We have notified it in the tender stage and made the choice with you whether to add it in our proposal. Furthermore, our solutions have been developed by and for the industry. That means that the entire industry will benefit from new developments in the software. Do you have a specific wish? Then we look at how we can incorporate it into our industry standard. So all logistics service providers can utilize it. This way our product is becoming richer in functionality, but it remains available in the standard and prevent a slurry of customization. And that saves you costs – which is very pleasant.

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