Recently, someone asked me “always up to date, is it really that exceptional? There are more software vendors promising this, so why does Boltrics stress it?” To prevent me from get trapped in all kinds of IT term, allow me to make the comparison with buying and maintaining a truck. Of course, the real comparison between trucks and software is hard to find, but in this case it works perfectly as a metaphor.

Let’s say you bought a truck just a few years ago. The newest edition provided with the latest technology and equipped with a brand-new Euro 5 engine. When purchasing, you concluded a maintenance contract, assuring you of a maintenance service every x number of kilometres or for example once a year. And although you ensured that maintenance was carried out properly and you didn’t do anything strange, you are faced with the fact that the truck no longer meets the requirements. You are no longer allowed to drive through the downtown area, because you do not have a Euro 6 engine. Besides, the truck starts to consume more oil and the first defects arise. Again, you need to reconsider the purchase of a new truck that is up-to-date – including ditto costs.
This example illustrates how traditional software vendors sell and maintain their software. You pay an annual or monthly fee, but you still have to reinvest every few years.

When comparing this with Boltrics’ philosophy, it is a bit different. You also bought a new truck with a Euro 5 engine, etc. But this time with the difference that the maintenance contract bears the ‘up-to-date guarantee’ of Boltrics. Meaning you must visit the garage every three month for a small maintenance update. Not only will they change the oil, but they also carry out minor modifications. Mostly invisible under the hood, but small steps which prepare your truck for larger upcoming developments. And during the annual major maintenance service, the engine is replaced by a Euro 6. In other words, even years after purchase you still drive around with the same truck but with the latest specifications allowing you to enter the downtown area. Lucky, without the need to reinvest heavily.

I guess you understand the point of my story. My question to you, how unique is this? What does your software supplier promise you? Be bold, and ask him whether he can guarantee that your software – without additional cost – is still up to date even after 5 years. The answer you probably receive is that by closing a maintenance contract you earn the “right” on new software versions. However, they can be installed at additional costs. Which is basically the same as the supplier of your truck giving you the “right” to call him to buy a new truck in a few years. Of which you must pay the bill – of course. How unique is that?

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