After 26 years working in operational and sales roles within logistic companies, I was looking for new personal growth and challenges, which I found in the company Boltrics as their Sales Manager. People around me asked if I was crazy in order to jump into the deep. But I wanted to gain experience in the field of logistics software, as this is getting more and more important for the logistics service providers facing the future. And isn’t there a better way to learn and experience, then to be part of it for yourself in a leading company?

In the first months that followed, I’ve learned a lot about logistics software and the changing needs of the branch concerning development, flexibility, integration, visibility and implementation speed. On my way gaining more experience, I already had some great insights into logistics from a software point of view and noticed that there a two kinds of logistic service providers.
The visionaries who understand that changes are needed in logistics software platforms, already orientate on the future that comes and started investments to adjust. They will be able to handle changes quickly or even start change themselves.

And those who live in the presence of today’s business and awaits the changes that come. They are going to deal with it at that time and maybe it will just might pass their doorstep. I hope that at a certain time these changes will not overtake them and they can adjust rapidly at low costs to keep up with the competition and the needs forced by shippers in general. I also hope there will be enough capable workforce to accompany them at that time.

My choice to join Boltrics was a targeted one, based on their philosophy, Microsoft NAV platform, determined focus on logistics and leading supplier position. If you understand the need for change, we can start to explore what’s the best solution and fits your company. It can start small and with our scalable modules expand at your wish along the way, so you will be prepared for the upcoming changes.

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