Filtering is one of the most common options within Dynamics NAV.

Let’s start with the ‘Quick‘ filter

The quick filter works on a specific column that you can select with the dropdown. After selecting one of the columns you want to filter on you can type in a value, for example: ‘Gen’. Every value within the selected column that has the value ‘Gen’ will be found (Also: ‘Oxygen’). For the quick filter, it doesn’t matter if you only type in a part of the value you are searching for.


Now we go to the ‘Advanced‘ filter

The advanced filter is needed when you want to filter on 2 or more fields within the page. In the advanced filter, it works a bit differently than the quick filter. You select a column where you want to filter on but you have to type the exact value you want to search for… OR you use one of the filter criteria (Examples of these filter criteria you find a bit further in the blog). The advantage of an advanced filter is that you can save it and re-use it anytime you want.

Save a filter

Click on the name of the page you are on and go to ‘Save View As’. A pop-up will appear where you put in the name of the page (including filters). The activity group is the place in the navigation pane where you save the filter.


Here you find some examples for filtering within the advanced filter

  • Tips
    • Select a value in the list and press ALT + F3
    • When you go to ‘help’ you open a webpage where you can also find filtercriteria

Good luck creating some filters!

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